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2 Year-Old Boy Dies From Severe And Suspicious Injuries

February 16, 2014 Olive Branch No Comments

(DeSoto County, MS) WREG is training about an Olive Branch toddler who died from serious injuries, though was a child killed.

In a matter sent to WREG Saturday, Olive Branch Police Chief Don Gammage reliable his dialect is questioning a genocide of a 2-year-old child pronounced no detain has been made.

“We are not releasing a child’s name or a parents’ names, though it all happened in a city boundary of Olive Branch,” Gammage said. “It is still an ongoing investigation, and we will tell we that a child had serious and questionable injuries.”

WREG asked DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion if this could be ruled a homicide.

He replied, “Yeah, we think. Yeah, many really this could be ruled a homicide.”

Champion is looking during each possibility.

Two weeks ago, a 2-year-old child from Olive Branch was taken to Le Bonheur with what he calls “severe” and “suspicious” injuries.

“At Le Bonheur, fundamentally a child had to be taken off life support. We were called in on it, and began operative with a Olive Branch Police.”

Champion wouldn’t give many sum like where a child was living, and who was holding caring of a toddler.

He pronounced he is looking during some-more than one person, though wouldn’t contend if they’re family members.

Champion is watchful on an autopsy news and anticipating it will move some fortitude to this tragedy.

“I don’t know that situations like Tyler Raines or this box we are articulate about or any conditions is indispensably anything that can be prevented. The best eyesight everybody has got is hindsight. If someone is going to abuse a child, they will find some approach to do it,” pronounced Champion.

We put in a ask for a military report, though were told, “because of a earnest of a crime, it could take adult to a week to get it.”

This is a second child’s genocide investigated in Desoto County in reduction than 3 weeks.

Article source: http://wreg.com/2014/02/14/prosecutors-toddler-died-from-severe-and-suspicious-injuries/

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