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February 17, 2014 Clinton No Comments

One of a country’s largest collections of presidential memorabilia isn’t in a museum, library or millionaire’s mansion, though in an singular room common with tutors during Clairemont High School.

“I call it a Museum of a American Presidency,” pronounced clergyman and curator James Fletcher. “But everybody else calls it Room 105-and-a-half.”

By whatever name, a museum now has about 40,000 singular pieces, that Fletcher pronounced creates it a largest open collection of a kind west of a Mississippi. A incomparable open collection is in Shenandoah Valley, Va.

The internal museum’s biggest pieces are kept inside Clairemont High’s library, where Bill Clinton’s golf boots are in a arrangement case, several debate posters hang from a walls and newspapers with screaming headlines about wars and assassinations lay framed on shelves.

Among a many equipment in a museum itself are walking sticks commemorating a inaugurations of William McKinley and Jimmy Carter, medals from a White House years of Woodrow Wilson, lamps and clocks arrangement FDR steering a ship’s helm, a candle in a figure of Richard Nixon’s conduct and a white sundress with “Ike” created in bold, red letters.

The oldest square is a journal hammered with George Washington’s signature, while a newest pieces are from a Obama administration.

Almost each in. of wall space binds a support or shelf, nonetheless usually about 10 percent of a collection is on display. The rest is kept in boxes in a storage room. Fletcher pronounced he would like to technology a collection so it can be showcased online someday, and he’s operative on lifting income to emanate arrangement boxes to move partial of a collection to other schools in a county.

“It’s unequivocally conspicuous what Jim has finished over a years, generally deliberation a resources,” pronounced Santa Cruz proprietor Tom French, who runs a online store USAmericana.com, that specializes in presidential memorabilia.

French chuckled when he listened how vast a school’s collection had grown given he final visited it 20 years ago.

“Forty thousand singular items?” he said. “That’s flattering big. If he keeps going, he could opposition a Smithsonian.”

Fletcher, a 1975 connoisseur of Clairemont High who has taught there for 27 years, got a bug for collecting presidential memorabilia after his mom took him to a Republican domicile in downtown San Diego during a 1972 Nixon debate season.

“I suspicion he was a twisty character, and a element enlightenment of a presidency was so fascinating, that we started collecting Nixon buttons,” he said.

Fletcher also saw a broader interest to a hobby.

“I suspicion it was superb that a element enlightenment things was there for a taking, and we could attend in grassroots politics only by flitting out a button,” he said.

His collection grew until he had adequate to start displaying it during a propagandize in 1994, a year he shaped a Clairemont High School Foundation to take donations. He also seeks out equipment on e-bay and auctions.

French pronounced that while Fletcher’s collection is large in size, it’s not indispensably a many considerable in a chronological sense, as it does not enclose a expensive, singular equipment in many private collections.

Article source: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/feb/16/clairemont-high-musuem-showcases-presidential/

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