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MDA’s Entrepreneur Center in new initial building space in Woolfolk

April 7, 2014 Brandon No Comments

MDA’s Entrepreneur Center in new initial building space in Woolfolk

John Brandon

John Brandon

The Mississippi Development Authority’s Entrepreneur Center has relocated to a Woolfolk Building’s first-floor in a pierce designed to make a Center and a resources some-more permitted to people who wish to get a business off a ground.

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Project managers will work from cubicles only inside a new bureau space. They will be a initial stop for impending business owners and can beam them on such stairs as substantiating an LLC or other business structure, joining adult with a Small Business Administration or identifying a race demographic for a business to target.

The passageway turn will residence a library of books and other materials on starting and flourishing businesses as good as training and discussion rooms.

“We indeed have space for a clients to come here and work,” pronounced John Brandon, who runs a Center as a member of a MDA’s Existing Industry and Business Division.

Two apartment spaces have computers with Internet entrance and Microsoft Office Suite. “You can do distant some-more than only speak about your business plan. You can work on it while we are here,” Brandon said.

“You can spend a day with us. When we have a doubt we are here to answer.”

The new space also provides a place for a Center’s staff to reason training seminars and other events that they formerly had to do outward a Woffolk Building, Brandon said.

The Entrepreneur Center, determined 30 years ago, has a satellite bureau in Tupelo and can do consultations on Skype, an Internet video and voice service, for clients incompetent to come to Jackson or Tupelo.

The Center recently denounced a new Web site — msenetworks.org. An generally useful underline of a site assists users in zeroing in on resources accessible in a Mississippi locality in that they are meddlesome in starting or expanding a business, Brandon said. Put in a zip formula and “it tells we a resources,” he said.

Msenetworks.org also has facilities to assistance users with vital business formulation and marketing, Brandon said.


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